Wine Recipes

Best Red Wine Risotto Recipe

Red wine imparts a delicate violet hue to this creamy, mushroom and radicchio-topped risotto, and also makes a versatile partner to the dish. For best results, select a dry Italian red wine, such as Barbera d’Alba, with medium body and mellow tannins.Read MoreAdvertisement - Continue Reading BelowYields: 4 serving(s)Total Time: 1 hr Cal/Serv: 585IngredientsSave Recipe4 1/2 tbsp. olive...

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Stop marinating meat. Instead, season then sauce one-pan Florentine pork

By CHRISTOPHER KIMBALL (Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street) Despite how commonly recipes call for marinating meat, it’s rarely worth it. Marinades do a poor job of flavoring meat because the molecules of any flavorings, except for salt, are too big to penetrate the surface. Besides, you’re then left cooking wet meat, which inhibits flavorful browning. That’s why we season...

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The Best Crops In Roots Of Pacha

As Roots of Pacha is based in the prehistoric ages, farming is a very important concept in the game. You can grow a variety of crops throughout the different seasons and then use them for your cooking recipes, or even give them away as gifts. Each crop serves a unique purpose, and some are more effective for growing...

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