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everything a vegan eats in a week

A realistic week of of our meals as vegans ♥️ ⋇ IN THIS VIDEO ⋇ (00:00) Intro (00:08) Day 1 (06:50) Day 2 (10:49) Day 3 (13:24) Day 4 (15:15) Day 5 (16:07) Day 6 (16:41) Day 7 Weee! ($20 off Filipino Groceries Online): Lentil Bolognese: Date Caramel: Matcha (I use Ikuyo): Taco Pasta:...

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Meals in a jar » vegan meal prep

📲 Get the Pick Up Limes app (1-week free trial!): 💌 Sign-up for our newsletters: 🎥 Film & photography gear we use: 🎶 The music we recommend: (great for YouTube creators)  RECIPES 00:00 Intro 00:39 Kimchi noodle jar: 05:45 Bulgur salad jar: 09:10 Spiced black bean & rice jar: 12:24 Outro...

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How to Choose Wine at Restaurants—Australian Wines

Here, I walk you through the different wine regions in Australia, their flavor profiles, and which pairs with which kind of food. I also declare my love for the twist cap. Check out my new game on the Google Play Store! Please subscribe! Full post on twitter/ig: erwanheussaff snapchat: erwanheussaff Please leave us a...

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